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Got a project your trying to get off the ground to make a difference in the world? Contact me now to access my outstanding community of over achievers and receive the support, coaching, and connections you need to succeed. Darin Bullivant daretodreamextreme@icloud.com

Every year the DARETODREAMEXTREME team puts together a compilation of crazy, bucket list style events to raise money for charity while we race across the country. We learn new skills, meet all kinds of crazy people, and push ourselves to the limits of human capabilities. We’d love for you to be a part of it or just share the journey with us. This years project raised over $450,000 for many different charities and our lives will never be the same. Here is a link to the last of the three events. I placed 4th and had a blast. http://youtu.be/CKSpb_YHwqE
I can’t wait to see what’s up for next year. Send us your ideas and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen. Our team has many connections and has access to top notch coaching to help you achieve your goals.

To be apart of a DARETODREAMEXTREME adventure you have to have heart!
Heart=the beating, pulsing ,pumping organ within so be kind to it…it’s what allows you to BE! The other side of heart is your ability to acknowledge the voice that says, this is too hard, I can’t do it, I am too…blah blah blah…or I can’t because I have bad knees, not enough time, I’m too old…blah blah blah. Once you have acknowledged that voice and continued on with what you are committed to, you are said to have HEART! It is this small step that creates a warrior in you. In this we are only at war with ourselves and only have ourselves to overcome.You have HEART, I have it…everyone has it. Access your HEART and watch your life expand. Welcome to Dare To Dream Extreme!

Last Project
Three epic Events, Three months, over 2400 km of racing, all for kids and the sheer joy of doing it. Thats what we did 2 years ago Click here for the highlight video and for other projects we have done through Dare To Dream, http://vimeo.com/21354747 . I have raced the TransRockies mountainbike race, the Victoria marathon and the Baja 1000. All in 3 months…and three months before that I raced the baja 500 for practice…I called it an extreme triathlon. I had a tonne of help and guidance along the way and the inspiration came from helping kids through the Children’s Wish Foundation.
My name is Darin Bullivant and I am a teacher at Foothills Academy. I’m a 47 year old family man with many of the time constraints, physical limitations, and “voices” that limit Humans from achieving their dreams. My busy family life and career stopped me for many years until I learned to be a warrior. If I can do it so can YOU.
This years Project
Our goal last year was to raise $100,000 to send kids from the Children’s Hospital on a wish of their dreams as well as complete the world’s toughest triathlon. This year we had to reach even further and my plan is to race in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, Red Bull Rocks and Logs,the 24 hours of Adrenaline, and a whole pile more if my body and time allows it. These are the toughest races in the world! You can sponsor a family direct through the Children’s Wish link to your right. The kids we help have undergone numerous surgeries and need a lift in life. They need hope, inspiration, and money to do this.

Training and Help
To accomplish this massive feat, I am training 5 days a week and have run over 5000km, ridden triple that and have been active everyday. Ron Jarrett of Mission Fitness has offered to help out on the project and has taken on training me in the gym for the massive project. Ashley Meyers has worked me over many times with his intense spin programs and with his and Ron’s help I now have a resting heart rate below 45 and my blood pressure sets off alarms and makes the nurses come running. I had no idea my body was capable of such changes. A big thankyou to Kelly Schwab as well for keeping my body tuned up. You will not find a better massage therapist…just having him in the room makes a difference. Thank you Ron, Ashley and Kelly! Ashley also helps me in the area of nutrition and cycling and has recently teamed up with Mission Fitness. If your looking to turn your life around or perhaps just step it up to the next level, I suggest you give them a call. It has changed my life and be sure to check out the nutrition page.

Contact me
Thanks to all those who are working to help me succeed in my goals, you are making a big difference in my fitness and indeed, my life. E-mail me at daretodreamextreme@icloud.com to give me your thoughts or ideas on how I could add to the project. Let me know what I can do better….Darin

Special Place in My heart Project
Last year we took down 38 bikes to an Orphanage in Baja Mexico called Rancho Santa Marta. I plan on bringing down some donations again when I go to the 1000…they need cash more than anything. My team is also doing a building project for a school outside of Ensenada Mexico…another way YOU can contribute. Cut and paste the video link to see how it turned out and view the riding video as well for a glimpse at what it’s like down in mexico  http://vimeo.com/14952012

Pics from past races
For Pictures and video of the Baja 1000 experience go to viacorpuz.smugmug.com. The photos are in the motorcycle link and are awesome as we had some skilled photographers on hand. Thanks guys and Gals.

My daily mud lunch


The Monster In Me


Hunter and Piper’s books The Things In me and The Monster In Me are available on Amazon and have raised over 1000$ so far for The Children’s Wish Foundation. She has had many book signings that she shared with her sister at the various Chapters. We are proud and inspired by her efforts. You can also grab a copy from us directly so send me an e-mail if you like. Kellyjoyjoy@hotmail.com

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TransRockies Challenge

team finish

TransRockies Challenge with Dave Hart, Kirk Schmiedge, and Wade Borassa…24th in the open division…400km in 36 hours…55,000 feet of elevation gain…ya baby!

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